A course that lets students become an expert, this program involves all the aesthetics and technical aspects of game designing.
The world of games is fascinating, thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable. What makes it visually so intriguing is the skilled game designers who bring together the best of designs & effects. They bring imagination to life. With MAAC’s DGDI course, you get a step closer to a very lucrative career as Game Designer.

Course Duration: 288 Hrs

This course brings the perfect blend of online learning and classroom learning to match the dynamic nature of the industry. MAAC covers every aspect of animation including elective specialisation and new age software, kept at par with the latest in technology.

Course Content

SEM I-CGD: Certificate in Game Design

  • Basics of Art
  • Game Theory
  • Game Development Pipeline
  • Game Concept Art
  • Concept Design
  • Pre-Visualisation of Level Design
  • Introduction to 3D
  • Texturing in Games
  • Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting

SEM II-ACGAI: Advanced Certificate in Game Art & Integration

  • Environment Modelling
  • Rigging & Animation for Games
  • Stylised Character Modelling
  • Next-Gen Character Modelling
  • Next-Gen Vehicle Modelling
  • Introduction to Game Engine
  • Asset Integration into Game Engine
  • Portfolio Development

Softwares Covered

  • Photoshop
  • 3ds Max
  • Mudbox
  • Unity (Game Engine)

Career Options

  • 3D Game Design
  • Simulator Graphics
  • Web 3D Graphics
  • Interactive Product Demos
  • Interactive Architectural Walkthroughs
  • Game Testing
  • 3D Asset Artist